One Day Gathering

One Day Gathering

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One Day Gathering  (SOLD OUT!) 

Location: Mike's House in Carlsbad, CA.
Date/Time: January 14, 2022. 9am-4pm
Number of Attendees: 10 or less.

Lunch, drinks, lattes and snacks will be served. 

This is 1-day gathering will help you identify your Primal Question and see it’s radical implications for your life and leadership. Over the past 2.5 years I’ve spent over 3,000 hours developing the Primal Question framework. In Spring, 2022 I will be launching a brand new book, daily journal and workshop addressing this concept. This exclusive one day experience will introduce you to your unique Primal Question and show you its powerful implications for your life.   

In our gathering you will identify which of the 7 Primal Questions subconsciously drives your choices and how that influences issues of codependency, anxiety and self-sabotaging patterns. Attendees will build their own customized risk profile and an action plan to build healthier life choices.

Together you’ll learn how your early childhood experiences shape your Primal Question and how historical wounding blocks your freedom and undermines your confidence. At the end of our time together, I will show you how you can use the Primal Question tool with friends, clients and team members.

You will walk away with clarity, confidence and a plan for living your strongest life possible. 

-Create radical awareness around why you do what you do.
-Fast track your growth and healing. It's therapy...accelerated.
-Develop a clear path for making your best decisions.

-Stop codependency and emotional triggers.
-Build a customized Primal Plan and Risk Profile.
-Discover your unique relational gift and how to maximize it.
-Learn how to help others identify their Primal Question.