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Mike Foster

Primal Question Workshop

Primal Question Workshop

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Primal Question Workshop 

Location: Mike's House in Carlsbad, CA.
Date/Time: May 13, 2022. 9am-4pm
Cost: $449 (Payment plans by Affirm available)
10 Attendees. (Only 1 spot left.)

Lunch and snacks will be served. 



Do you have things in your life that don't make sense? Do you feel like something is holding you back? Or have you ever wondered why you repeat the same patterns that undermine you and your relationships?  

Join an exclusive small group gathering designed to unlock massive clarity on your past, present and future life. The Primal Question is a proven framework for unlocking massive healing from past hurts and leveraging a new confidence in who you are. You will learn to move from self-abandonment to self-advocacy by understanding the hidden programming inside the deepest parts of you. Once you understand your Primal Question, you will see your life and the unique pathway for freedom. Join us for this special day of accelerating your growth and maximizing your life.

Wether you're a person wanting to strengthen your relationships or a leader who wants to maximize team dynamics, the Primal Question Workshop is for you. It's simple. Profound. Life changing...and it all starts with 1-day in Carlsbad, California.


“I cannot tell you how many ‘lightbulb moments’ I had. It was truly life-changing.” —Ane Marie

“If you’re wondering if you should go to a Mike Foster workshop, the answer is “Yes!” x 2000.” —Lisa Carlson

"Mike is so gifted and truly blessed that he is able to lovingly extract your deepest hurts, pain, sorrows and create clarity all in love.  Who can do that without feeling invaded? Mike can!  If you want answers to questions you couldn’t even imagine were there, this session is for you.  YOU are worth the investment." -- Val Boesch



-You feel stuck in the mud and you don't know why.
-Past hurts are still controlling your present.
-You want to fast-track your growth. It’s therapy...accelerated.

-You struggle to know what you want.
-You know something is “off” but you can’t name it.
-You are a coach/therapist wanting a new tool for your practice.
-You're in leadership and want to lead your team effectively.



- Clarity on your Primal Question, Primal Truth and its implications. 
- A roadmap to designing a life that you actually want. 
- Peace about early childhood wounding and trauma.

- A radical awareness of your inner world and how to coach yourself. 
- Confidence to ask for what you want by knowing your needs.
- Be able to coach/help others identify their Primal Question.






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